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Donating to The Metropolis Foundation

The Metropolis Foundation accepts gifts for a variety of purposes, ranging from program and project-specific categories to unrestricted and endowment categories. Typically, the Foundation receives and manages funds in its general category; however, in certain circumstances, contributors may wish to restrict gifts for a particular purpose. The following are examples of fund categories and the general management approach used with each. Any questions regarding the categorization or management of funds should be directed to our Treasurer Russ Spaulding. Upon request, the Foundation will make its financial information available to contributors.

Contributions are not for renewal of current yearly Metropolis club dues or CIPP registration.  No goods or services are provided in consideration of your gift.

Restricted Funds

The Foundation manages restricted funds as relevant to the restriction category specified by the contributor making the gift. In general, contributors may restrict use of gifts to any use category that is consistent with the Foundation's general tax-exempt purposes as set forth in the By Laws. These use categories may include restricted or endowment categories as adopted by the Board.

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds are a special category of restricted funds. The Foundation invests funds restricted to endowment purposes, with the goal of maintaining all donations to the endowment fund while ensuring steady growth. Withdrawals from the endowment fund are limited to investment gains.

Unrestricted (Program) Funds

The Foundation places gifts that do not have a specified restriction in the unrestricted (program) category and used to support the Foundation's programs. The Foundation manages unrestricted gifts in a manner that is not inconsistent with its Mission and By Laws.

Gifts To The Foundation

The foundation is the vehicle that will continue to promote these principals and objectives into the future through financial support and leadership. In order to succeed, the Foundation needs your financial help.

Several gift-giving levels have been established as a manner in which to recognize individual efforts; however, all contributions, in funds, support and otherwise are well appreciated.

All gifts are tax deductible!

Gifts can be received as cash, check, or online using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal.

You can also designate The Metropolis Foundation as your charity of choice through the Twin Cities United Way using 711109 which is the number you'll need to put on your form to designate your gift to a specific organization.

Gift-giving levels include:





Minimum amounts listed - unrestricted/foundation funds accumulate towards Elite and Founder's Clubs, but any amount is welcomed!

Members will be honored at the Metropolis Rugby Football Club's annual banquet for their gift, and awards will be presented to those who have moved to the next level of giving. Anonymity requests will be steadfastly adhered to.

How To Give To The Metropolis Foundation

There are several ways to donate to the TMF by mail or ONLINE.

To donate by mail, print and fill out the "Gift/Donor Card.pdf" and mail with your donation to "The Metropolis Foundation, 16820 Tiger Street, NW, Ramsey, MN 55303."

If you have questions contact Gordon Hilleque for more information.